Eurozone: The First Effects Of QE On Markets


Greece is preparing for a huge default, Germany and France are so desperate that they need to go to Moscow to talk about the Ukraine-issue and deflation is getting worse: and yet, the only thing the markets seem to care is the QE

Well we’re not even surprised to see the markets ignore what’s happening in the real world to focus on the hope of recovery for the Eurozone. After what we’ve seen in the last years in the US, we already know how the financial markets are going to react:

BAML european assets

“Buy whatever you can, everything is going up now” seems to be the only thing that matters for traders now. Forget about Greece, Russia, Ukraine, deflation, and so on.

This is going to be a long rally.


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5 Comments on "Eurozone: The First Effects Of QE On Markets"

  1. “This is going to be a long rally.”
    questo è esattamente l’incontrario di quello che si pronostica nell’articolo di 2-3giorni dopo:

    Wall Street: Il Terrore Dei Dati Trimestrali

    in cui si dice che si sta per scendere….

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