Le Pen won’t change Europe, Le Pen’s fear will

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European leaders are now in the so-called phase of “denial”, everyone seems to pretend to be calm after European Elections, but we all know that what happened in France will be enough to radically change the Euro


It’s remarkable to see how many “people that matter” are trying to say that everything is under control.
It is also remarkable to see how many journalists/analysts/economists are just ignoring the economic impact that Marine Le Pen’s success will have on Europe and Euro Area.

In the next days, ECB will give a shock to the economy, and this would have never been possible without a political success of euroskeptical parties.

Just to clear some points:
- Yes, the political success of Marine Le Pen in France is a tragedy
- But, eurocrats have done anything possible to reach this point
- No, Marine Le Pen won’t probably have the power to change Europe (maybe not even France)
- But, Brussels is so scared by Le Pen (and Le Pen-like parties) that now EU will do anything possible to avoid a new nazification of Europe

Did you hear what Barroso said about European Elections ?
Spoiler: you’re going to laugh.

“The Euro system has nothing to do with the crisis, it’s just a matter of failed policies at national levels”

Well, Barroso, go say this epic sentence to Marine Le Pen’s supporters (advice: wear a helmet or something like that, you can never know).

And by the way, France is not (yet) doomed.
Front National had 33,61% of preferences, but only 43,01% of French people voted.
Do the math, 0,3361 x 0,4301 = 14,46%.
Only 14,46% of French voters support Marine Le Pen, 2017 political elections can reverse the result of European Elections (hopefully).

Is this enough to be afraid of Marine Le Pen ? Soon we will know, Mario Draghi will speak on June 5th, the Euro system needs a shock.


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