Microsoft To Cut Thousands Of Jobs This Week


In a completely unexpected move, Microsoft is likely going to cut thousands of jobs in the next days: the aim is to increase the company’s productivity, but will this work ?

Back in 2009, Microsoft had already cut 5,800 jobs, so yeah, this is unexpected news, but the company has already done it in the past.

Also, the CEO Satya Nadella declared last week:

“On July 22, we’ll announce our earnings results for the past quarter and I’ll say more then on what we are doing in FY15 to focus on our core. Over the course of July, the Senior Leadership Team and I will share more on the engineering and organization changes we believe are needed.”


Let’s be sincere, we could have see it coming by reading these “mysterious” lines by Nadella few days ago.

As of June 5, Microsoft had 127,104 employees all around the world, but how many people will be fired ?

We will know more about that on July 22, but, for the moment, there is a scary forecast made by Nomura’s Rick Sherlund, who expects to see 10% layoff of Microsoft total workforce.

Are we really going to see Microsoft fire 12,000 people, all at once ?


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