ECB Press Conference – 10/02/14 (LIVE)

As usual, let us follow together the ECB press conference, where president Draghi will explain the latest monetary policy decisions and will answer to the questions asked by the international press  


ECB: The tLTRO Was A Total Fail

Well well well, it turns out the epic tLTRO invented by the ECB was actually a huge fail, we really feared this would have happened (original publishing date: 09/19/14) Ok, it’s better to have tLTRO…


Why The Euro Is Going Down, And Down, And Down

The slow devaluation of the Euro has just started, with the Federal Reserve thinking of raising rates and the ECB forced to act more, predicting how the EUR/USD exchange rate will move is far too…


ECB Press Conference – 09/04/14 (LIVE)

As usual, let us follow together the streaming of ECB press conference, during which president Mario Draghi will illustrate the latest monetary decisions taken by the ECB board for the Euro Area  

European Central Bank (ECB) President Draghi attends a news conference during a European Union Finance Ministers informal meeting in Athens

Eurozone: Long-Term Inflation Is Going To Be A Serious Problem

When inflation expectations keep on moving lower, you cannot simply expect an economy to easily get better: long-term inflation should really worry everybody (original publishing date: 08/27/14) Try to forget, for a short moment, that…


ECB Press Conference – 08/07/14 (LIVE)

Just like every month, it’s time to broadcast ECB press conference held by President Mario Draghi, in which the latest monetary decisions will be explained and the international press will be able to intervene

Mario Draghi

Can ECB Really Save Europe ?

For years we have heard Mario Draghi repeat the same old concept: it’s not the ECB that must save Europe, but European governments; is that really true ? We have a very simple idea on…


Mario Draghi’s Press Conference (LIVE) – 07/03/14

Just like every month, let’s follow together the ECB press conference during which President Mario Draghi will comment on the latest monetary choices made by the board of governors, from 3:30 PM it will also…


Portugal: That “Little Tiny Debt Problem”

When you look at Portuguese debtor position, you easily realize that you’re looking at something that is even worse than the Italian situation for Euro Area, how can investors possibly trust Portugal ? Easy: they…

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi Announces Interest Rate Decision

ECB Press Conference – 06/05/14 (LIVE)

Just like every months, let’s follow together the press conference of ECB President Mario Draghi, who will explain the latest monetary measures taken in the Eurozone and will answer the question asked by the international…