le pen

Le Pen won’t change Europe, Le Pen’s fear will

European leaders are now in the so-called phase of “denial”, everyone seems to pretend to be calm after European Elections, but we all know that what happened in France will be enough to radically change…

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The ridiculous european stock market in one chart

This is not a joke, but what’s happening in the european stock market in these months surely deserves to be mocked: how can earning growth expectations decline by 7 percentage points in only 2 months…


A Bond Bubble in Peripheral Europe ?

As Raoul Ruparel states from Forbes, the bond market in peripheral Europe is acting in a completely disconnected way compared to the trend of real economy, how big is this problem going to be for…

Mario Draghi

Mario Draghi’s press conference – 05/08/2014 (LIVE)

As usual, let’s follow ECB press conference in which President Mario Draghi will illustrate to the public the latest monetary policy decisions and he will also answer the questions of international press


Che cos’è la Troika ?

Simbolo dell’europeismo più feroce per alcuni, autorità necessaria per altri, scopriamo cos’è la fantomatica Troika Da dove viene il termine “Troika” ? La parola “Troika” è di origine Russa, e indica quello che a noi…