When Will The Fed Raise Rates ?

We think that the Federal Reserve will eventually raise its rates by the end of the first semester of 2015, but the market is still not sure about it (original publishing date: 12/26/14) If you…


What Will Happen To Junk Bonds ?

The big sell-off we have seen in the high-yield bond market is not as extraordinary as the media are saying: do you remember what happened in 2004 ? After the burst of the dot-com bubble…


Keep Your Eyes On The Dollar

In case you missed it, the Dollar is awakening: can the end of QE3 and the closer and closer rates hike by the Federal Reserve push the american currency to space levels ? It looks…


The US May Have A Serious Bond Problem Ahead

The market knows that, even though Yellen keeps on denying it in public, the Federal Reserve is thinking of rate hikes: here is the opinion on the issue given by the bond market “Hello Mr….