Wall Street: Will Rupert Murdoch Kill The Trend Again ?

File photo of Rupert Murdoch listening to remarks at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council in Washington

Rupert Murdoch has (insanely ?) offered 80 billion dollars to buy Time Warner, do you remember what happened the last time Murdoch made a deal to the stock market ?


There’s a funny relationship between Murdoch’s shopping and the run of S&P 500, and some of you may have already noticed it.

Do you remember what Murdoch did in 2000 ? He bought Chris-Craft for $5.3 billions, and then the S&P 500 fell.

And what about the end of 2007 ? Murdoch bought Dow Jones & Company for $5.6 billions, and then ? Yes, the S&P fell.

Ok, not every Murdoch’s acquisition has killed the stock market, but, now that we see him offering $80 billions for Time Warner right in the moment where the S&P 500 index is expected to fall, we expect something to happen, again:



We’ll see.


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