Apple: Wall Street Loves the iPhone 6, But It Doesn’t Exist Yet


Now this is interesting, it seems like some folks at Wall Street are really freaking out about the next coming iPhone 6 that Apple will start selling by the end of the year, is this enthusiasm justified ?

(original publishing date: 06/02/14)

One of the very few sentences that we like to repeat on this website is that “The market is always right, even when it’s wrong”.
This being said, you may have noticed that something weird is happening on the stock market:

apple aapl

Right in the moment where Apple announced that a new iPhone was coming (it’s expected in the fall), AAPL stock price jumped.

What’s really interesting here is that this enthusiasm is built on one, single, short, tricky word: hope.

Go ask an analyst about the iPhone 6, you’ll probably get something like: “yeah, hopefully the next iPhone will be great”, “hopefully it will be cheaper”, “hopefully it will be a radical change from iPhone 5, 5S and 5C”

That’s it: hopefully.

Now, what we (and the guys working in the Silicon Valley too) all need to understand about the issue is that Apple has a great chance to reverse a negative trend.

What ? A negative trend for Apple ?
Yes ladies and gentlemen, Apple is losing the war to Android:


So what’s the big chance ? A market research says that there are a lot of people out there who currently own an iPhone 4, 4S or 5.
From experience on other market fields (mainly technological ones) we know that, as a result of the study, there are a lot of people out there who can buy the iPhone 6:


Well ok, not all of them will buy an iPhone 6, that would be an insane conclusion, but it seems to us that if Apple will manage to give the iPhone its old mojo, then Google would not be happy about that.



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