How Exposed Are We To Russia ?


On average, in Europe our companies have a 3% revenue exposure to Russia, but there are countries at higher risk

(original publishing date: 12/22/14)

We haven’t seen yet the Russian recession we will experience in 2015, but, as 2014 comes to an end, it’s useful to get ready for it.

So the question here is: how much are our companies generally exposed to the Russian crisis ?

A good method to assess the issue could be the analysis of revenue exposure:

russia exposure

Austria is the most exposed country. You may say that, after all, an average of 3% is not that “risky”.

Well, it turns out it is. In a world in which countries in the Euro Area struggle to grow by a “zero point something” percent a year, a 3% exposure to a currency crisis could be enough to create a new recession.


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