Obamacare Is Working: Time for Republicans to Deal With It


The number of uninsured people in the US is collapsing, this is, to us, the final evidence of the fact that Obamacare is not the big fail it seemed to be at the beginning, it is actually a success


That’s it, we’re no longer going to even pay attention to people saying Obamacare is a huge fail. Why ? Simply: because it’s not.

United States have never seen such a low percentage of uninsured people (of course, we’re talking about health insurance).
If this looks like a fail to you, we’re eager to know what you consider to be a success.

Oh and Krugman has an interesting chart here:

“We will lose many jobs starting from Januarty 2014″, that’s one of the main refrain of Republicans at the Congress.
Well, it turns out it was not exactly like that.


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