What Drives Stock Prices ?

An interesting infographic from VisualCapitalist shows us the main forces that move stock prices, it is however important to add a fundamental one Here is the infographic: That’s all very interesting and not far from truth, but,…


Greece: Stocks Are Down By 18% In Two Days

The bloodbath is not over: this time the markets are really going crazy about the “Gr-exit” issue, will Athens really leave the Euro ? Here’s the financial disaster of these two days: The bond market…


Apple pronta a lanciare nuove mappe GPS

Dopo il disastro delle mappe per l’ultimo iPhone, Apple ha appena acquistato una compagnia per il rintracciamento GPS Apple è pronta a tornare in carreggiata, e lo fa imparando dagli errori del passato. Con l’acquisto…