Wall Street: Institutional Traders Are Selling Off, Why ?

New York Stock Exchange visit

There we go again, the trend of institutional traders being net sellers won’t just stop, but why ? We know by experience that banks always know better than private traders, and this is quite scary


(original publishing date 06/05/14)

We had already talked about the issue, but now it’s really getting worse.

Since mid-April, institutional clients have been net sellers in the US equity market, while private traders are just buying and buying and buying:

If you paid attention to US equity markets, you know that this is nothing new.
But well, here’s what we mean when we say “it’s getting worse”:

If you are among these private clients that keep on buying, you’re free to do what you want. One day, maybe not so far, when the big trend reversal will come, you will read an article on this blog saying: “We told you so”.


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