Will French Economy Ever Get Better ?


Hollande is managing to reach a result that not even Sarkozy could have ever imagined: French industrial production is slowly dying, will the pain ever stop for France ?


(original publishing date 07/14/14)

While we’re counting down the days until 2017 Presidential Elections in France (even though we know that Le Pen risks to become the next French nightmare), French people still have to deal with the “Hollande tragedy”.

The latest negative update we need to give you about France is the continuous fall of industrial production together with inflation:

french inflation industrial
And now Bloomberg’ starts working on a hypothesis, David Powell recently wrote:

“The decline in the French inflation rate may increase pressure on the European Central Bank to ease monetary policy of the euro area again in the months ahead”

Will the ECB manage to do what Hollande can’t do ? Even though we consider the ECB intervention necessary, we seriously doubt that a bigger monetary base will be enough to make us all forget about Hollande’s unfitness to rule a country.

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