Bank of England: Where Is Inflation ?


Despite a silent but effective QE program, the Bank of England is sure about the fact that disinflation in the UK is not over yet

There’s a pretty significant difference in August and Novermber inflation forecast issued by the Bank of England:

The August data brought a clear message: the BOE thought disinflation was over, and that the 2% target was so close that Mark Carney started talking about a possible rate hike that could have come “sooner than expected”.

The November data bring a clear message too: the BOE thinks disinflation is not over at all, and inflation rate will hit 1% in the first months of 2015, so there is no reason to think of a rate hike at the moment

August, September, October and November. Nowadays, four months are enough to completely change the direction of monetary policy in a mature economy, that’s fascinating.


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