Understanding The Oil Price Collapse

VisualCapitalist offers a pretty effective way to visualize the oil price collapse that started last Summer: it’s all about supply and demand (Visual Capitalist)  

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange shortly after the opening bell in the Manhattan borough of New York

Wall Street: A Bad Beginning Of The New Year

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Will Oil Prices Be Low For A Long Time ?

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The Big Oil Collapse Of 2014

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Where Will Oil Go In 2015 ?

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Are Lower Oil Prices Good For The US Economy ?

JPM thinks that Texas may seriously risk a recession in 2015 because of lower oil prices, it seems the shale sector is being hit too JPM’s Michael Feroli has a very dark forecast for Texas:…

Rudy Maas

Wall Street: Is The Energy-Bubble Exploding ?

With low oil prices, energy companies at Wall Street are steadily getting erased from the stock market: is this how the big correction begins ? (original publishing date: 12/15/2014) We just want to give you…


UBS: Oil And GDP in 2015

After analyzing the estimates made by Société Générale on the issue, it’s now time to see those made by UBS on the impact of lower oil prices on the world economy Our aim here is…