US: The Reason Why The Recovery Is Not Over Yet

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Just a fact: long-term unemployment in the US is not back to its pre-crisis level yet, and, frankly, we’re not even sure it will ever be

(original publishing date: 12/01/2014)

Well well well, here is a good chart that may (at least in part) explain why, despite a decent economic recovery, the former Obama-fans are no more that crazy about the US President:

As you can see, long term unemployment is still an issue in the US.

Actually, if you get fired in the US it is still very likely you will have a hard time to find a new job:

Now that’s a good reason to explain why Obama and democrats are not doing that well.
And yeah, we know, thinking that Republicans may fix this problem is as crazy as thinking that Democrats may do that, but that’s how politics works.

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