Keep Your Eyes On The Dollar

In case you missed it, the Dollar is awakening: can the end of QE3 and the closer and closer rates hike by the Federal Reserve push the american currency to space levels ? It looks…


It’s A Fundamental Moment for the US Economy

When economy recovers, interest rates go up or, at least, that’s what we’re used to see; however, interest rates in the US are moving in a funny way, we should keep an eye on them…

Dow Jones Average Slips Downward As Traders React To Selloff In Emerging Markets

What Happens If The S&P 500 Goes Below 1,900 Points ?

In order to analyze the ongoing downward correction at Wall Street, you need to focus on two big numbers: 1,900 and 1,700, these are the resistance levels the traders are fearing Sooner or later, the…


The US May Have A Serious Bond Problem Ahead

The market knows that, even though Yellen keeps on denying it in public, the Federal Reserve is thinking of rate hikes: here is the opinion on the issue given by the bond market “Hello Mr….


US: Credit Growth Is Back (Bubble Or Not Bubble ?)

There’s no recovery without credit, and this seems to be a fairly good point for every economy, especially for the american one: but are we seeing rational expansion or are we back in the bubble…