The Only Reason Why Europe Will Have A QE Program


We’re sick and tired to hear alleged “experts” talk about the fact that Germany would have given up on Draghi to start the Quantitative Easing program, it’s time to understand that Berlin too needs some expansionary monetary policy

(original publishing date: 02/02/15)

If you’re one of those thinking that Germany (Merkel + Bundesbank) is being “kind” to the EU in agreeing to give the permission to the ECB to start an asset purchase program (i.e. the QE), just stop lying to us and to yourself.

Keep in mind our words: Germany needs the QE and this is the only reason why we will have a QE.

Yes, the QE has severe limits (like the “risk-sharing” issue, for example), but haven’t you heard the news ?

Germany is back in deflation:

So please, the next time you think of Germany as the “strong” country that lets the rest of the Europe mess up with the monetary policy, just sit down, take a deep breath and think again.


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