The Only Reason Why Europe Will Have A QE Program

We’re sick and tired to hear alleged “experts” talk about the fact that Germany would have given up on Draghi to start the Quantitative Easing program, it’s time to understand that Berlin too needs some…


ECB: Three Options For The Quantitative Easing

We do not really expect the ECB to launch anything like a QE in 2015, however it is worth knowing that some “sources” are starting to leak some information about what the board of directors…


Euro Area: Inflation Expectations Are Still Going Down

As we move towards the ECB press conference in which a european QE may be announced (don’t take that for granted), inflation expectations in the Euro Area keep on falling down Well… The markets believes…


Europe: It’s Official, The tLTRO Was A Huge Flop

The second tLTRO did not work: it seems like the banks are not crazy about the concept of “helping the economy”, what did we expect ? “Don’t help the economy, help yourself” seems to be…

ECB President Mario Draghi Announces Interest Rate Decision

The ECB Will Not Buy Gold

It was an interesting rumour and we were just starting to like the idea, but Mario Draghi just smashed all our hopes: it appears the ECB will not buy gold to help the European economy…


ECB Press Conference (11/04/14) – LIVE

As always, let us follow together the ECB press conference, during which president Mario Draghi will illustrate the latest monetary policy decisions


Europe: Will ECB Buy Gold (Or Other Assets) ?

Yves Mersch, a member of the ECB Executive Board ( = somebody who matters) has recently talked about the possibility for the central bank to buy financial assets such as gold, shares and ETFs (original…


Europe: ECB Is Fighting Against The Recovery

Somebody should explain us how can a central bank afford to cut its balance sheet by some 30% when the economy is experiencing its worst crisis ever: here is monetary policy under ECB’s view Modern…